Escaping unconscious bias completely when recruiting is basically impossible. However, by using the right tools and processes you can reduce its impact on your recruitment process.

So one of the consequences of the Covid pandemic has been about finding ways of better working. Many companies and people have adopted home working as the norm, or hybrid working. Advances in technology is another catalyst to this change. 

Many employers and employees have simply realised, after the world changed overnight, that their priorities were wrong and want to focus on that work-life balance. In January a number of UK companies, including Atom Bank and the UK division of Canon, have signed up for a six month trial of the “four day week” or more importantly, “the three day weekend”.

Campbell & Fletcher Recruitments Managing Director Tracy Fletcher has been appointed as Trustee of Smart Works Leeds.

If you are thinking about your recruitment needs for 2022, then you need to start looking now. The best Candidates are not on the market for very long as they are being snapped up in what is a very hot job market at present.

Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment are pleased to announce that we have launched a new commercial desk with a focus on commercial roles across all industry sectors.

A challenge bank is typically a smaller, recently launched bank that aims to challenge the status quo of the long-established banking “Big-4” of Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Attentions are now turning to what the future of FINTECH looks like in the United Kingdom as the broader economy shifts from ‘respond’ to ‘recover