We know that looking for the right role can be very stressful.
It’s all about standing out from the crowd, and whilst an amazing banking and finance recruitment company can help you get an incredible job in that sector, it’s worth considering how a personal brand can also help.
Believe it or not, but everyone is a brand. By using tools like social media, you have the opportunity to elevate your personal brand, and as a result be head and shoulders above your competition.

Remember, there is only so much people can find out from your resume.

Creating an effective personal brand can help give you the opportunity to be in front of a large range of potential employers, grow your professional network, and build a favourable image of yourself.
Here are five ways to help you build your personal brand:

1. Build a persona online

In a world where everything is turning digital, having an online brand is starting to become a crucial part of the job search.
This means that you’ll want to keep your online profiles consistent, and consider these accounts are reflective of how you want to be viewed.
So showcase your accomplishments, include a professional image on your profiles, and don’t be afraid to talk about what you’ve been up to.

Remember unless you tell people what you’re up to, they won’t know.

Use the tools you have online to build you personal brand.

2. Expand your network

Network, network, network!
We can’t express it enough.
Whether it’s online or offline, a great way to build your personal brand is to network.
Word of mouth goes a long way, and by expanding your network through networking you’ll have more of an opportunity to be vouched for.
Talk to new people online, and, better yet, get them to meet you in person offline for a cup of coffee.
So get developing your 60 second pitch, create a business card that actually works, and set some networking goals!

3. Dress for the job you want

Whether you like it or not, there is a high chance you’ll be constantly evaluated by the people you meet.
This can be in the workplace, or out and about, and a big factor that plays into this evaluation is how you dress.
How you dress at work sends a number of signals about how you view the environment, how much respect you have for your work and yourself, what groups you identify with, and where you think you belong.
In this article by Quora over on Forbes website, they largely discuss the mindset behind dressing for the job you want and its effectiveness.
It’s an interesting read, and once again plays into the factor that you, yourself are a brand.
Dressing for the job you want is just another tool at your disposal for getting the job you want.
Not to mention, it’s been reported that the clothes you wear can impact your self confidence, another bonus of a great work wardrobe!
Dress to impress and find the role that is right for you by working with a banking and financial recruitment company like ours!

4. Think of yourself as a company

If you wanted people to work with your company, and not your competitors, what would you do differently?
By thinking of yourself as a company it forces you to take a moment to consider how best to push your ‘company’ toward success.
To network you’ll need to act professional on behalf of the company; you’ll need to build positive relationships on behalf of the company; and you’ll need to market your selling points on behalf of your company.
How would you do things differently if you were a company, not just a potential employee?

5. Be yourself

We know it may seem a bit cheesy to include this as the last point, but it’s something to consider in your trials to a great personal brand.
Too many professionals attempt to fit into the bracket of what ‘they think employers want’ and lose themselves along the way.
Don’t be afraid to show that you’re enjoying life, whether that’s by cracking a joke or by telling meaningful stories from time to time.

You are the biggest selling feature of your personal brand, so don’t forget to include yourself in the brand you are creating.

In the grand scheme of things there are tons of people using the Internet to build their brand and get a job.
So you need to have a unique identity to attract potential employers.
Why not show there is more to you than what meets the eye? Or, in the case that you’re working with recruiters too, what’s on the pages of your CV?

Our final notes?

We know how hard it can be to find a new role in a new company, but with the help of creating a personal brand, and a few helping hands along the way, we believe you can truly find the right position for you.
Don’t forget; personal brand is just another way of providing employers, and recruiters, with the opportunity to see who you are off the pages of your CV.
Remember you can speak to our bespoke banking and financial services recruitment team about what role you may be best suited to in this industry, or check out our current range of opportunities!