This month our Managing Director Tracy Fletcher was the guest on the podcast “THE AUTHENTIC RECRUITER” which focuses on how we get to rip up the rule book and grow purpose-led and profitable recruitment companies, through authenticity. 

“I know the value of Supporting Women” Interview with Tracy Fletcher

In episode 7, series 3 of The Authentic Recruiter podcast, Claire Ackers talks to Tracy Fletcher, Managing Director of Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment.

In this candid chat, Tracy tells Claire how a 20 year career in banking led to an epiphany that she should launch a recruitment company. 15 years on, this has led to some incredible lessons and opportunities for her, and is a must-listen for any recruiter who needs a bit of inspiration about what is possible with their recruitment business.

In the Podcast they cover:

  • Why Tracy believes wholeheartedly in women supporting women, and how she puts her money where her mouth is on this topic
  • How a spot of flatulence kickstarted her whole career
  • The Imposter Syndrome she still struggles with today
  • The golden thread of integrity that runs through everything she does
  • Why she refuses to engage in candidate ownership debates (and the results that’s led to for her)
  • Her advice to recruiters who wish to thrive during the coming economic storm
  • Her recent appointment to the Board of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, where she gets to create change for women in the workplace, such as menopause support
  • Tracy mentions Smart Works Charity, of which she’s a trustee. They provide interview support for women – coaching and clothing and are proud that 72% of women they help get a job within 1 month.

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