There was lots of laughter, a few ’no ways’ and undoubtedly a few tears  by the end, but based on the feedback we have received the third Insight event was “THE BEST YET”

“When we came up with the idea of the INSIGHT Networking Group for Women in Finance and Banking, we wanted it to be different, we wanted it to be open and honest, we wanted our members to be able share and support each other, and we wanted to bring in guest speakers who we can all learn from regardless of age or experience,” commented Tracy Fletcher, Managing Director of Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment and founder of INSIGHT, INSIGHT 3 delivered on every single one of those goals.”
The guest speaker, Sharon MacArthur, AKA MISS MENOPAUSE, spoke with a brutal honesty about the last taboo subject. Her business, Miss Menopause was created to fill the void in education and support needed by women as they reach the menopause. She spoke with passion about the symptoms from brain fog and anxiety to hot flushes and insomnia with INSIGHT members sharing their own experiences.
  • “100% of all women will go through the menopause…”
  • “The average age for the menopause in the UK is 51, but symptoms can begin much earlier and last over a decade…”
  • “Only 3% of companies in the UK are educating their workforce…”
Normally at the end of our INSIGHT meetings, members break out to private rooms to discuss and network, however not one person left the main group as members shared their own emotional experiences.

Tracy added, “The event was quite emotional, and the feedback we have had since has been amazing. We normally edit down our event videos but on this occasion we felt the more people who get to watch the event in full the better.”