Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment are so proud to have our Managing Director, Tracy Fletcher, to be nominated for the Special Hero Award at the Yorkshire Hero Awards coming up at the end of the month. Tracy not only works tirelessly for the business, but also is a board member of the HM Treasury’s WIFC and a volunteer trustee with the charity Smart Works which helps women back in the workplace. 

Hi Everyone.

I am delighted and at the same time absolutely blown away to have been nominated for the ‘Special Hero Award’ at next week’s Fashion Ball.

I have no idea who nominated me (thank you whoever you are) but I understand this is in recognition of my work as Co-Chair at Smart Works, a Leeds based Women’s employability charity, alongside my appointment to the Board of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter (WIFC).

You all know I am passionate about supporting women as they navigate their careers in both Financial Services, and the wider world. Smart Works is a Leeds based women’s employability charity; we have supported over 700 women from around West Yorkshire in the last year alone. 72% of our clients , gained employment within a month of accessing our service. I am sure you will agree that this is an incredible achievement.

We (Campbell & Fletcher) have been signatories of the WIFC since its inception. The WIFC is a government led Board, that is committed to improving the performance of Financial Services companies against their targets for DE & I. As a Board member I am so proud to be part of a team that is working hard to support our members in improving their female senior management representation. Average senior management representation in 2017 was 30%; in 2022 it was 35%. An incredible improvement. Still a way to go.

As you can imagine these additional responsibilities alongside mentoring some female entrepreneurs make for a challenging diary.

I am so lucky that Alison provides so much practical support, managing much of the day-to-day responsibilities of running our awesome recruitment business. It means I am able to support both Smart Works and the WIFC, at the same time also supporting the needs of our amazing clients.

Below is a link to the full nominations and if you would like to support my nomination, I would be so grateful if you could take literally 2 minutes to vote for me.

Hope to see some of you very soon.

Thank you, and much love.