For many people Talent Acquisition is just a new on-trend word for Recruitment, however companies who understand the bigger picture know there are important differences.
Recruitment has always been thought of about filling immediate positions due to staff transition or business growth. At Campbell & Fletcher we realise that by improving our relationships with our clients, we can better understand the role that ‘talent acquisition’ can help to achieve the clients end vision.
When you hire, you invest in people, but all too often it can be seen as just another costly expense. This can encourage employers to cut corners and see recruitment as a mechanical process that never changes. Talent acquisition is about being aware of current staffing trends, the state of the workforce, and using that insight to attract vital talent.
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Recruit or Acquire?
A recruitment strategy can be compared to a short-term quick fix where there is need for a company to meet immediate tactical needs. Recruitment tends to be reactive, clients already know quite clearly what the need and are looking for, and as result often leads to an increased time-to-hire and cost-to-hire due to specific nature of your search.
Talent acquisition is a more strategic strategy, about finding specialists for positions that require very specific skillsets, or for its business leaders for the future. This provides a far more challenging proposition when looking at niche sectors; especially with the rapid advances in technology with the Banking and Financial services sector. With talent acquisition you are seeking a key factor in a larger strategy to increase your growth, it become an ongoing cycle taking more time-up initially but delivers the best results for your company.
There is a general believe that all businesses should focus on talent acquisition rather than recruitment, as talent acquisition will build a stronger company – it becomes a proactive continuous process, enabling you to acquire the best and brightest employees.
At Campbell & Fletcher we approach both strategies from a different perspective. For recruitment, the industry experience and skillset play a crucial role in our candidate delivery programme. With talent acquisition we look at the aforementioned experience and skillset, but we also look beyond the CV and look at the talent and potential that the candidates possess.

Our talent acquisition strategy also works to identify, anticipate and understand the reasons employees might be tempted to leave your company, and addressing those issues so that the recruitment team isn’t hiring due to a lack of awareness in foresight in your organization. In most cases we have a short list of potential candidates, we refer to it as our ‘subs bench’, ready for when the client is looking to recruit because our team work hard to understand our clients’ recruitment strategy but just as important, the clients’ culture. This only happens when there is a strong relationship in place.
Talent acquisition is not only about a recruitment process to ensure the candidates are right for your business, it’s also about convincing potential talent that you are the right company to meet their career needs. We believe talent acquisition to be a real skill; at Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment it allows us to tap into our expertise of recognising the potential not just the experience.
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