In today’s cluttered and fast paced world, companies are under increased scrutiny to prove their worth to candidates, so the importance of brand and branding has become acute. Good reputation is a currency upon which all recruiters are measured.
We all know that with a simple Google search, we can have hundreds of thousands of results at their fingertips in less than a second. From a candidate perspective they want to know the basics, like a company history, its size and where it operates; but they also want to find out what the culture is like, the opportunities for development, the employee incentives.

Employer brands are scrutinised on social media platforms and through search queries; who hasn’t checked out the LinkedIn profile of the person you are meeting. The job seeking process is now transparent; and is driven by connections, by culture and by reputation. A strong brand reputation on a website such as Glassdoor, which takes anonymous feedback from employees and job seekers on your company and its culture, can encourage prospective employees to work for you. However negative experiences especially from candidates, be it the companies failure to provide feedback on CV’s and the interview, the withdrawing of roles or simply filling roles internally can damage the brands reputation to future prospective employees.

Did you know that 84% of people asked would consider another role by a business with an excellent reputation?

When recruiting it’s important to know what your existing and former employees say about what it is like to work for you. Internal research will give you an insight on what is both good and bad, and by using online tools such as Glassdoor, or even a simple Google search on your own business, will enable you to see what is being said about you. Once you have a clear idea about your current reputation you are able to strategically plan on how to implement into your talent acquisition process.
What happens when you get your brand and reputation right?
People are the core of any business, having an effective employer brand and reputation can lead to:

  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Attraction of the best quality talent
  • Assist in retaining key staff
  • Reduced costs in recruitment
  • Fully engaged employees

Our bespoke banking and financial services recruitment company enjoy a good bit of humour during an interview.
Create a Employee Value Proposition
Similar to a Value Proposition in marketing, an Employee Value Proposition is a promise, a mission statement; create one and then stick to it. Let it create for the employee a sense of passion and pride for working for your business; The Employee Value Proposition can also contain details of your corporate social responsibility.
When you get your brand and reputation right, talented people will want to work for your company and hiring time reduces – you become the employer of choice, and your employees become your best advocates of your brand.
As part of our recruitment and talent acquisition process, the team at Campbell & Fletcher operate as an extension of your brand to provide a clear, consistent and positive experience for both candidates and employers alike; we work with you to make you the employer of choice pairing you with the right candidates who then become further advocates for your business.

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