Well less of a debate, more of a sharing of experiences and challenges, but nonetheless as Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment M.D. Tracy Fletcher put it, “this stuff is like gold dust!” 
Insight IV was an open discussion by the members of the Insight Networking Group – exclusively for women in finance and banking, with also Tracy providing hints and tips on how to bypass the system to get the right job, and Sarah Cook, from WeDoHR providing detailed insight in ensuring you are recruiting without unconscious bias and understanding the implications of a fully diverse workforce. There simply was so much discussed, the best thing to do is to watch the attached recording….

Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment are extremely proud to have launched INSIGHT – The Networking Group Exclusively for Women in Finance and Banking.  We wanted to create a female networking community; where we can listen, learn, support, share ideas, and experience on the challenges of being a woman forging a career in finance or banking.

The end goal for INSIGHT is to grow the network and have face-to-face events around the country, with a glass of wine or a fresh coffee, as we share and learn from each other.

Please share and invite your friends and colleagues to join INSIGHT

INSIGHT IV - “...HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter...diversity in their workforce … launched 5 years ago… did you feel anything had changed?…” “…we have to use our ’network’ to promote Women In Finance…” “…linkedin is like a modern day ‘rollerdesk’…” “…target and search not a spray and pray…” “…recruitment is like dating without the snogging…"