“Welcome to Insight, We wanted to create an awesome female networking community, where we can listen, learn and share ideas and experience on the challenges of being a woman in finance; but going forward this is your group, you decide the topics, we are all here to share and learn”; the welcoming words of Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment Managing Director Tracy Fletcher to the attendees of the first INSIGHT virtual event.

To be able to facilitate a networking group purely for women in finance and banking has long been a goal of Tracy’s and with the last 12 months with “Zooming”, “Teams” and other virtual meeting software becoming the norm, Tracy felt that 2021 was a great time to make it happen. The end goal for INSIGHT is to grow the network and have face-to-face events around the country, with a glass of wine or a fresh coffee – but for now, women from across the UK, from all levels within the Finance and Banking sector gathered on Zoom (primarily in their Home Offices) for the launch of Insight.

We were then given an amazing presentation by Personal Brand Consultant Harry Purewal (www.agirlnamedharry.com) which we know from the immediate feedback was really thought provoking for all the attendees as colour analysis and creating contrast in how we dress was discussed; rather than going for the safe “black”….

The Insight Group members then split into Zoom-Rooms in smaller groups to introduce themselves, and what they wanted to get from future Insight events, with Harry dropping in to answer any questions they might have about her presentation, before coming back together for some final words and final thanks from Tracy and Alison Campbell (Co-director at Campbell & Fletcher Recruitment).
Tracy commented after the event, “Really enjoyable and hopefully everyone in attendance got something positive out of it, i know i certainly did. We have also launched a private LinkeDin Group to allow members to connect and share knowledge and challenges, and are aiming to develop the INSIGHT LITTLE BLACK BOOK of members.” 
She added,  “INSIGHT will grow and adapt as we learn from each event and take onboard the feedback and ideas from within the members group – we are so pleased initial feedback has been so positive with many sending us ideas for the future. So watch this space.”

The next INSIGHT Networking Event will be on the 4th March 2021 more details will follow over the next few weeks. If you would like to join the INSIGHT Group then please complete the form below,

“If everything you wore was a word… what is the first sentence your image says about who you are?”     


“Thank you Harry very insightful.
“Loved it!! Feel like i should rush off and put some make up on and brush my hair”
“Thank you so much, fascinating presentation, and great concept and format for networking, thank you. I look forward to the next session!”
“Enjoyed the session today, thank you. Look forward to seeing you all again at the next session.”